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Honestly, this all makes me very willing to spend money on this app, which I have done. Chapter 11 More and more surprise guests and unexpected arrivals drop in! I like my lovers to be mature, over 40, and divorced or widowed. Chapters Finally, you learn the secret of what happened on that fateful day, and who created the Cursed Prince. They may not be the bug-eyed aliens hunting you down, but these sly scavengers can be just as much trouble.

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The Boy I Hate: Chapters You and Tristan finally connect, but can you hang onto what you have, or will this wild, gorgeous man slip through your fingers? Chapters You finally reached a happy place in your relationship with the man that you love, the news came so suddenly that Ryder has been in an accident. Will this change everything? Chapters You escape your evil ex's clutches, but his threats against your new family linger. Devil ease your fears so that you get your happily ever after in Hell?

Chapters Things are happening in this cabin that you can't explain. Is this all just a twisted game created by your new employer, are you simply going insane, or are your worst nightmares truly becoming a reality? Chapters When everything feels like it's falling apart, only one person will stand firm and be there for you. But is Tristan really the man you think he is, or once thought he could be? Chapters Your relationship has always been bumpy and now Ryder's ex is at his door.

What will you discover and will your relationship survive? Chapters Your romantic evening with Mr. Devil comes to a quick close as your contractions kick in. And that's just the first of many challenges this night holds in store for you Celebrate Spring with our limited-time offers!

Starting March 20th until March 30th. Chapters Ryder seems to be playing the role of your fake boyfriend too perfectly. Will you be able to get through tonight without any hiccups? Chapters It's not all wine and roses for you and Mr. Will date night solve your differences? Chapter 18 You and Denise are stuck in a dangerous situation!

Can you get yourselves back to town safely? Can you talk your way out of this jam? New Story and New Chapters! You encounter a smoking hot guy whose love may help you regain hope…but he has secrets that threaten your fairy tale ending once again. Chapters The rules forbid mortals and magical beings falling in love. Can you and Mr. Devil find a loophole? Chapter 17 It seems like Henry might have a bit of pixie dust up his sleeve as well — get ready for an unexpected adventure!

Chapter 18 You eliminate one enemy — another one crops up. Chapters Finally, you learn the secret of what happened on that fateful day, and who created the Cursed Prince.

Chapter 12 The truth comes out, now and forever. Glace's childhood crush is here! Chapter 13 Girls ought to stick together, but can you get your enemy to work in concert with you? What awaits you if you ever make it back to your lover? Chapter 18 You take on your teacher, but have you learned your lesson well enough to beat him at his own game? New Chapters and Story!

Chapter 11 More and more surprise guests and unexpected arrivals drop in! Are you ready to handle the latest drama bomb? Can you strike the right chord with your enemy? Should you untie him? Will he spill it if you two bond?

Is he the traitor? Chapter 26 and 27 And more New Story and Chapters New Story: Who is Patty's mysterious online crush? Not to mention your mom's new beau! Time for some answers. An ally and a lover get hurt, but not the way you intended. Will you get to make a friend suffer?

Chapter 22 and 23 And more Glace shows off her acting skills as the Romeo to your Juliet in the school play! Chapter 8 Your courage inspires your cute captor to stand up for you, which whets your appetite. He plays with his food until it bursts with flavor in his mouth.

Chapter 13 Though you gain a friend, who wants to become your blood sister, you may have lost your lovers — human and demon. Is one of them the traitor? Chapter 14 There is a spy in the house and it's someone close to you. Will your luck run out, or will you survive to see the sunrise? Chapter 5 When the Advisor finally meets her human counterpart, things are bound to get complicated! Chapter 18 and 19 And more New Story and Chapters: When YOU and Frio meet by chance, you realize there's more to this media darling than meets the eye.

Chapter 6 While you and your new friend work your magic in the kitchen, our enemy is cooking up a trap. Chapter 11 A friend brings news and subdues an unwelcome guest. The next step in your relationship might take it over the line. Chapter 12 Ashton and Luca hurt your friend and drag you into the woods.

With the taste of your blood on their fangs, they have a hard time holding back. Will someone come to your rescue, or is it too late? Chapter 5 Your abductors kick you out, but you want to stay kidnapped. Is she your rival, and should you make her a ghost? Which of them is your future? Chapter 11 You thought you and Vincent were more than just friends, but it turns out all the feelings are on one side - yours. Part 2 is back!

Chapters 11 and 12 bring a twist between you and the princess. Chapter 7 — Things are getting out of control and secrets might be revealed. Will the guy you love be able to save you from the Vampire? Chapter 9 — You've been spending a lot of time with the guy next door, but is he really the one?

Is he the answer to your problems? Chapter 6 — Turns out, Reid is no ordinary person. Will this realization lead to romance between you two? Sep 17, Version 1. Best story app Feb 2, Her Name Was Anouschka They were both looking for love. Grocery Shopping A man and woman pretend to be strangers. Your Groceries are Here! Fresh Fruit Grocery shopping, Fred discovers a nice midnight special. Ten Inch Reunion Jerry meets high school friend's mother at grocery store. Grocery Clerk Young grocery bagger and older cashier share a late shift.

A Tempting Offer Co-worker asks for just one night. Spirited Away Their eyes meet and they are spirited away. The Suit A teacher has parking lot fun on an afternoon break. Ask First Collections agent gets more than expected.

The Affair She has a fantasy of a stranger. Taking the Scenic Route Conservative wife enjoys an exhibitionist ride. The Next Day Their relationship deepens. A Lonely Night Two strangers meet by coincidence, or is it fate? A Trip to the Store She's never been so turned on in grocery store. Fantasies by Pornokeo Ch.

Rock Me Honey New couple hit it up hot and heavy. School Girl Sub Ch. Stains Guy fools around with best friend's girl. Ey Wolf Moon Vacation pitfalls are averted. Fun in Blue Ch.

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