Fancy vs. cheap fabric: A super-short story:

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I've sewn with cheap fabric in my universe, the cheapest I've been able to find is 5 bucks a yard - Canada's more expensive, y'all and I've sewn with expensive fabric well, I've topped out at 32 bucks a yard. Some cheap fabric is not cheap. It's just nice fabric on sale i. Some cheap fabrics are quite acceptable. They have nice drape generally less nice hand. But you don't have to baby them! Having said that, as I sew more, and develop skills, I am inclined to use nicer aka pricier fabric.

I'm a bit of a fabric snob even with RTW. I figure, the only way sewing my own things is a sustainable activity in the long term once my skils are very good is if I can apply those skills to really fine textiles. You are at a stage right now expensive new baby, expensive urban lifestyle etc. The great news is that you can spend a moderate amount on lots of fabrics in your environment and look great.

And with your skill, your finished items always look beautiful. It might just be the Dutch in me; but I can't spend a lot on a yard of fabric. I look for inexpensive, but I'm careful with the feel and drape and look of the inexpensive. I have indulged in some higher priced voile but then I carefully select a basic pattern which can't be screwed up too badly and will serve as a staple in my wardrobe.

The may be a day when my sewing skills advance and then I may consider using more expensive fabric; but for now I rely on the less expensive, works for my budget kind of fabric.

It was fine at the time - I was learning how to sew, I had more wadders that wearers, I felt fearless with my cheap fabric, etc. But I did notice that the cheap stuff was difficult to sew with especially when it came to pressing - all that polyester makes a lot of melty holes! I do pay more for my fabric, but I am not opposed to buying stuff from the bargain bin or flea market or even just cheap stuff with a little bit of poly.

We've all got budgets we need to stick to! I think the biggest thing I've noticed with my nicer fabrics is that I am much more careful with my sewing now. I actually make muslins, use proper seam finishes, rip out mistakes, press as needed, etc. No more blasting through a project just to get it finished. So for me, it's worth the extra money because it means I'm putting the extra effort in. And anyway, if I'm going to spend so much time making something, I want it to actually be nice when I finish it - not some weird cheap thing that feels like it could have come from Old Navy.

I only have one real apparel fabric store in a mile radius of my residence thankfully I live in the same town as it, otherwise I'd go crazy , so if I want to buy fabric in person I have to stick with the mostly cheap fabrics. I have no shame in sewing with cheap fabrics, but I'm also picky about the fabrics I bring home. I have no idea. I also have set foot in Elegant Fabrics once and walked promptly out because I didn't have the budget to buy anything in there lol.

I always use cheap fabrics I make sure it doesn't LOOK too cheap ie. I have zero fabric snobbery, haha You're lucky to have so many fabric options close to you! I still buy most of my fabric on the cheap, but now I know how to spot the diamonds in the rough: I used to buy a lot of cheap fabric on the internet, but I wont do that anymore because you can't tell the quality, I made a lovely stretch jersey maternity dress and I had to throw it our because after a few washes the fabric just went NASTY.

So I think now I'd spend more on fabric.. I don't buy or sew with SUPER cheap fabric unless it's for a test garment or a costume but I do try to always buy good quality fabric when it's on sale. In fact that's kind of my shopping motto, I pretty much refuse to pay full price for anything ;. I like quality fabrics at a cheap price. I do have a large stash of fabrics to work through.

I always wash by fabric before sewing. Not only does it get rid of sizing, dust, and lint, I can find out how well the fabric handles before I make something. If the quality is very low e. I'm totally guilty of using cheap fabric for most things.

That's what you get on a teacher's salary. I'd love to be able to purchase Liberty and pretty silks-- maybe one day. The most I've ever spent on fabric was for the couch! Twenty bucks a yard.

I just started sewing because I am unexpectedly unemployed. Sewing has become a luxury hobby, and it is hard to read about more expensive projects, or sergers, all of which is above my - current - means. I really enjoyed reading this post. I was debating this topic in my head the other day.

Since then I have been sticking to buying nice quality cotton sateen on sale!! But on the weekend I was wandering past a fabric store similar to the ones in your pics, and I got sucked in buying heaps of fabric - non are cotton, all unknown compositions. I haven't touched them since I got home because I feel icky about them not being "natural" but I figure I could make wearable muslins with them, and they could turn out to be great dresses.

Plus there is no stres is i mess up. But something in my mind makes me feel icky about them. Like K-Line said, dollar a yard just doesn't happen in Canada. For me it really depends. I will definitely trawl the clearance sections not to mention the fabric section of my local thrift store for prizes, but if there's something specific I really want stretch denim, wool coating you can't rely on the clearance racks. The worst is finding good heavy-duty knits.

They never make it to the clearance and rarely seem to go on sale I sew a LOT with cheap fabric. I use cheap fabric to explore, experiment, etc. I go into the project thinking "If I completely make a mess of this, no bigs. If I LOVE this garment and it turns to crap in two months because it's made of crap, I can re-make it in a great fabric with confidence and know that I'll adore it for a few years probably.

I don't work outside the home anymore, and most of my clothes need to be high-performance. I use a lot of natural fibers that I can launder easily. Cotton, linen and hemp are my go-to fabrics because they hold up to washing and they're comfortable in my environment. Linen and hemp especially can be prone to wrinkling BUT- after I "wear in" those clothes, the wrinkles are less of an issue. In fact, I have a pair of old 3 years linen pants that I can wear for days on end don't tell on me and they're only gently rumpled, if that.

I also sew a lot with knits. I can't deny that they're generally pretty easy to source, usually not terribly expensive, and for "wash and wearability" they're pretty good.

The trick is to use a cute cut so I don't feel like a blob And for some reason silk has a reputation for being high-maintenance, but I'm not sure it deserves that rap. Many silks wash quite well in a cool laundry load and stand up well to daily wear. Obviously not super-delicate silks or embellished ones, but most medium silks wash to delicious blousey softness and continue to wash well.

I usually lay mine flat to dry or hang them on a soft hanger and always smooth the wrinkles. Sometimes I luck out and a cheap fabric wears for years, but usually we get the most wear out of great generally more expensive fabrics.

Tanit is so right - sweater knits are insanely expensive here. The reason I've bought them from the US online, on sale for 7 bucks a yard although, with shipping, the cost doubles is that I can't get them that inexpensively here most of the time - if I can find them! I wrote this awesome response, and then word verification locked me out like 10 times At any rate, I'm all in favor of cheap as long as it feels nice. I shop often at Denver Fabrics and they get mostly designer leftovers, so a lot of times it can be great quality even if it's cheap I'd love to say that I could sew with Emma One Sock anything, but it's too pricey, and "well-edited" means I get to sew less and that's sad.

I did recently find stuff that I had bought at Hart's Fabric at fabric. But in general online buying is so dicey when you can't feel the fabric. Thank you all for the awesome comments! StephC, you are right that even fancy fabric often costs much less than basic RTW--but only if you actually successfully sew the garment and it works out. When it is just sitting in a giant not-yet-made-into-clothing stash, it's hard to justify.

And I so did not know that silk and sweat were such a deadly combo--I handwash silks but usually very sparingly when there is visible dirt. Thanks for this post. As a relatively new sewer, I'm terrified of spending a lot of money on fabric and totally screwing it up. I live in Brooklyn too. Park Slope to be exact. Thanks for the info on some nearby fabric stores. I just signed up for the sewing group!

This comment has been removed by the author. No poly mixes which do have there place in the sewing world. I first started only buying non expensive fabric because I was new to sewing and there was a high chance the garment was going to be a failure.

Now that I can sew and sew pretty well I still don't spend allot on fabric. I have lucked out with shopping and a local apparel fabric store has shipment from NY once a week of fabric that is left over bulk fabric. Since I don't sew a huge number of garments a year limited time for sewing it is worth it to me to get fabric that I really love and think I'll be happy with. I really have developed a distaste for poly and prefer natural fabrics in general.

In person, I let my fingers and eyes be the judge of quality for the price. Online, I am a much tougher sell since I've generally found that the truly cheap fabrics almost always disappoint. I second what Steph said about silk - it's my favorite fabric and I've learned that more often than not, it washes up just fine. That last comment was me. Not sure why it posted as anon. Fashion simple winter dog clothes Burgundy. Fashion simple winter dog clothes Orange. Camouflage pattern Harness collocation winter dog clothes Orange.

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